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Bio Statement Police Roundup Erik Rodriguez MARTA ejection leads to highway confrontation DeKalb County police were dispatched to the 4000 block of Covington Highway on July 12 in response to a fight. When the police officer arrived, he observed four teenagers and an adult driver near the roadway. The teenagers said they had been kicked off a MARTA bus for abusive behavior. After the bus departed without them, they said, they started walking westbound in the middle of the roadway. See also: Best brand for car speakers One of the juveniles said that while he was walking, he was struck by a car. When he got to his feet, he jumped on the hood of the vehicle. At that point, the driver got out of his car and began to argue with the teenagers, hitting one of them. The juveniles said that one of them threw a rock at his car in retaliation, smashing the left front side window. The offender then left the scene, they said. When the other teenagers continued walking along the highway, they said the car drove behind them and struck them. The man got out of his car and became combative with the teenagers. The driver had a different version of the story, stating that as he turned@ a corner on Covington Highway, he suddenly came across the juveniles walking in the middle of the roadway and accidentally hit one of them. When he got out of his car, he said, the teenagers jumped on it and started to smash it with rocks. The driver said the juveniles assaulted him as well. The officer made no arrests. He advised them to settle their dispute in Magistrate Court. FAKE PISTOL: Police responded to an armed robbery call at the 2300 block of Ashley Oaks Court on July 12 around 4 a.m. Upon arriving, the officers spoke to a cabdriver who said she received a call to pick up a customer at his residence. But when she arrived, the man came up to her window and robbed her at gunpoint. She said she drove away in fear but returned later, after police arrived. Police knocked at the door of the residence and were allowed to enter and search the apartment. During their search, the officers found a man hiding in a closet with a swordfish toy revolver in his front pants pocket. The stolen money was recovered, and suspects were placed in custody. NORTH 2300 block of Plymouth Colony Drive. Police responded to a burglary call at 10:30 p.m. July 9. Upon arriving, the officer spoke to a woman who said she had returned home that evening to find a man burglarizing her house. She said when she saw him, he said, "Hi, how ya doing?" He then fled through the unlocked window he had used to break into the house. The woman reported a Sony cordless telephone missing, along with a $45 pair of tennis shoes. 2215 Ashley Oaks Drive. On July 11 at 2 a.m., police responded to an armed robbery call. When the officer arrived, he spoke to a taxicab driver who said he picked up a fare at a nearby nightclub when he was robbed at gunpoint by four men. One of the men took a screwdriver and placed it to the victim's neck and demanded his money. The four men then took $150 from the driver and pushed him out of the car. The four men drove away in the man's taxicab and later abandoned the vehicle. Buford Highway at North Druid Hills Road. On July 11 around 2 a.m., police were notified of a "person shot" call. When officers arrived, they spoke with two men who said they were driving southbound on Buford Highway between North Cliff Valley Way and North Druid Hills Road when a Chevy Camaro passed their car. The driver of the other vehicle shot six times at the victim's car, hitting him once in the left side. The victims were taken to Grady Hospital and the car was impounded for investigation. SOUTH 6100 Raintree Bend. Police responded to a peeping Tom call around midnight July 12. The complainant said that his daughter was lying in her bedroom watching television when the security system's motion detector indicated movement outside. He said his daughter saw a man looking at her through the window, but she couldn't get a good description of him before he walked away. 4300 Snapfinger Woods Drive. Police responded to a motel around 1 a.m. July 11 in reference to two suspicious vehicles that were parked on the property. When the officer arrived, he spoke to a security guard who said that two men were stealing cars from the auto dealership next door. When the officer went to the dealership, he spoke to a witness who said he saw two men driving cars to the motel through a hole in the fence surrounding the dealership. The officer had the vehicles impounded and sent the case to auto theft investigators. Panola Road at Ga. 155. On July 15 at 10 a.m., police responded to a "meet party" call. When officers arrived they spoke to a frantic woman who said she was taking her 8-month-old baby to day care when she noticed traffic slowing on Panola Road. When she stopped, she said, a man approached her and demanded $1,000. The woman panicked and began screaming, she said. She indicated that she was only concerned for the child in the back seat, since the man was attempting to gain entry into the vehicle. When passers-by told her to drive off with the man halfway inside the vehicle, she did so and the man eventually fell out of the car. When she arrived at the day care, she called police. When police observed the woman's car, they noticed blood all over the front driver and rear passenger door. Police are investigating the incident. Related article: What size are the speakers in my car EAST 4800 Redan Village Road. On July 14 at 3 p.m. police responded to a "shots fired" call. When officers arrived they spoke to a man who said that three men went into a pizza place and started an argument with one of the employees. When the argument escalated, he said, the men ran out of the store. As one of them was leaving, he turned around and fired several shots from a gun toward the direction of the pizza place, striking another car. Police are investigating the incident. 500 block of Stonemill Manor. Police were notified of a burglary on July 14 around 9:30 a.m. The victim said that an unknown person entered his house through a kitchen window and took several items. He said he had left at 10 the night before intending to run a quick errand, but after a change of plans he did not return until the following morning. Among the stolen items were a Sony 32-inch color television valued at $600, a Sony stereo receiver valued at $300, an Onkyo stereo receiver valued at $1,000, a Sony VCR and a Rolex watch. The victim also said that the burglars had removed a bottle of Andre champagne from the refrigerator and had placed it on the counter as though they had planned to have some. CENTRAL Rockbridge Road at Rowland Road. On July 15 at 8:45 p.m. an officer was dispatched on an aggravated assault call. The victim said that he was driving when his car was struck on the left side. When police tried to pursue the man who hit him, he fled from the scene. At one point the man abandoned his vehicle and eluded officers. When officials examined the car later, they discovered about $400 in cash, a small amount of marijuana and a plastic bag filled with a white powdery substance. Police also found a black hat in the back seat, a Modovo watch, a Powertel cellular telephone and two boxes with car speakers ( and an amplifier. Later, officers discovered a toy gun in the car's trunk.