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Bio Statement Philadelphia Sleep Centers was established in 1981. It's a 40-store chain that sells crafts in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. Nationwide is a family-owned operation that has been started by the father of best futon mattress reviews Ken Mazda. The series earned $44.5 million in 1993 and has just purchased a brand new headquarters that will serve as a warehouse and an office. His partners along with Mazda have no strategies for expansion outside the Philadelphia region. When Ken Mazda graduated from college and Joined his father his job was merchandising and buying metal beds. At the moment, he recalls, they weren't very common. "My dad thought this was a trend, and if I messed up it wouldn't mean anything." Says laughing Mazda, who now serves as president of the $44.5 million operation. "Brass, as it turned out, became a major thing, and the experience served as a good springboard for me." The flourishing 40-store especially chain, which Opened its sleep store ranked in HFN's 1993 list of the 50 Matters Retailers. The Firm's philosophy is basic "Offer Value to the customer, and they'll return. And they have," claims Mazda. "We have done things over the long haul, a little bit at a tine, creating a very good customer base." Says a single manufacturer: "Nationwide's Strength is their grassroots understanding of the Philadelphia marketplace. They're from the area, grew up in the business and know it. They have a wide supply of shops and efficiently market." Even though a slow and has been adopted by Mazda The progress of the company, business strategy expects central operations move and that headquarters to a home that is modern. "The new building is an office/warehouse Mix," says Mazda. "When we began looking we initially wanted a 100,000-square-foot building, but we grabbed this particular unit, which will match us for future growth." "Nationwide is a managed-growth Strategy," confirms John Fiore, regional sales manager for Simmons, among the chain's major bedding providers. "They do not overextend themselves and move beyond what their financial and management capabilities are as they develop. Their brand new will give them a huge ability to continue growing. They were boxed in." According to Mazda, the expansion of the company Was slowed by the constraints of its warehouse, which had 2 docks that were incoming and five outgoing. "The building we simply bought has 16 five and incoming incoming docks," he says. The hunt Years ago, wasn't simple. "We looked at moving into New Jersey," notes Mazda. "But we're suspended from the city of Philadelphia. New Jersey is not our home base" While the company serves the Philadelphia and south Jersey markets, this past season Mazda has already ventured into new lands by opening an 8,400-square-foot shop in january at East Brunswick, N.J., representing its farthest growth north in the nation. Top Rated Futon Mattress Quality, Comfortable For Sleeping "Their new East Brunswick shop is Rubbing up against some of their competition they haven't been involved with," says Fiore. "That is going to be a brand new experience for them." "We do not have any intention of moving up Farther than that--like up to Passaic," Mazda says of the move to central Jersey. "We don't want to maintain that rat race. We only want to keep our triangle" Yet another shop opened in January, the company's third in the state. It represents the chain movement south. The has created Itself is Exton, Pa., although Mazda is now surveying the Reading and Lancaster areas. The business has also established a claim in Allentown, Pa., across the road from the Whitehall Mall. "We purchased the building so we have spent in the area," says Mazda. While Mazda has been scouting areas, his Contest has found its way into his domain name too. "Two years ago, Rockaway Bedding came Down here from North Jersey and opened up 20 shops," recounts Mazda. "But we have managed to stave off the competition. We were here first; we are entrenched in the market, and we have great word-of-mouth advertisements." The competition proved to be a motivator, Prompting Nationwide to "spruce up the stores." Says Mazda, "In 1993 and 1994 we spent a great deal of money to provide ourselves a facelift" Still, the toughest competition Isn't from Other sleep stores. "Sears and Macy's are both largest Competitors," notes Mazda. "They have the greatest piece of the pie and a client base that thinks of them when they wish to buy anything." To attract Nationwide 's' business A worker, client, Mazda has built the operation on brand name worth, using a soft sell. "When a client walks into the door, we Give them time to walk around and get a sense of the store," Mazda states. "We do not want to get right in their face" Salespeople, after greeting a client, are Encouraged to ask exactly what the shopper is looking for, if it be a mattress or brass bed. "We then ask them when they saw our advertisement today," says Mazda. "We're proud of our advertisements and would like to work our ads. From there, the salesperson has some qualifying questions to ask." Customers can choose from five traces of Infant such as Sealy, Serta, Simmons, Englander and King Koil, at Nationwide. "The most powerful price points--and we all create Our floor very strong for the Philadelphia marketplace--are $399 and $499," says Mazda. "Some of our vendors say it is our own self-fulfilling prophecy because we are the market leader and we make it such a strong group." "Their main challenge would be to Effectively promote a step-up narrative to their sales partners and, more importantly, to consumers," one seller observes. "They're in a snare. It is a dreadful trap of purchasing bedding. The actual chance for them moving forward would be to step the consumer up to high quality bedding." Acknowledges Mazda, "From day one we Attempted the higher-ticket items, but the customer shops the cost point. Even 10years ago, it was the same--$399 and $499 are magic numbers." Mazda offers his clients more than simply Prices; service is offered by him. The company offers next-day delivery and free mattress removal. Customer support is stressed by the policy of the store. "To make a customer happy, we'll do Anything," says Mazda, "even if it means switching a bed four occasions." To ensure customers get what they need Mazda stocks everything he sells. "There's a cycle in which we turn over certain items," he says. "If something has turned over, and it would take me one week to receive it, we maintain a four-week supply. If by any chance we're from this thing the customer wants, they get the step-up one free of extra charge." Although a part is represented by metal beds Of the pie than they did two years ago, Mazda still offers a healthy selection from Rosalco, Elliott's and Fashion Bed Group. He is also experimenting with a new class--futons. Before Mazda believed carrying futons, However it was given by him a year. "Occasionally the ballyhoo that's created is in the aholesale level, and the customer isn't buying it," says Mazda. "We picture ourselves as mass retailers; we are not trendsetters. Give us and we'll run with it all day. But we don't wish to put the item out on the ground and have it jumped 50% of the time. We want to make sure we have something which works." Now, there are two metal futons on the Flooring from a step-up, a model and Rosalco. "we would like to try it and see what happens," says Mazda. "When it works, we will go to the futon shows, store it and get into it." Marketing and aggressive advertising are key To the company's success. 2 years back, an advertisement agency, which now has a staff of 10 was added by Nationwide. Mail and ads in the Philadelphia Inquirer and in regional papers that are strong would be the center of the promotion program. However, Mazda is looking for the car or truck. "We've gotten thicker into digital Media over the last two decades," says Mazda. "Right now we're doing a tv blitz on channel 6. We like to use it since most of our competition can't. Almost all of our competitors couldn't manage the Philadelphia Inquirer when we first got into the company. We could, dominated it and it helped our growth. Now the little guys are at the Inquirer and we can't dominate it, but we could together with TV." Having a title like Nationwide, does Mazda feel Such as finally covering the country -- a legacy is to fulfill? "We've looked at it," admits Mazda. "Our five-year plan isn't to go outside the Phildelphia market. Not that it is too difficult to do, but among the problems is I'm not prepared, and reside there for three months neither are my partners, to move to a different town and set it up. We don't wish to cease, and our brand new warehouse can comfortably service 80 shops. In fact, it could take us around 100 shops, but we'd again be in a position as we are today--bulging at the seams." While Mazda says 1995 will bring times For retailers together with all the raw material cost increases, he has a plan. "The trick is to keep coming up with more Services than another guy," says Mazda. "Most companies say they will do a great deal but then make it difficult for the client. Our theme is satisfaction. We will do absolutely anything to make customers happy." It is meant by Mazda, too. He simply asks something in Return: "Please inform your friends about futon mattress queen size."