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Bio Statement What is the name of the previous Element movie? Zygote? What is a zygote? what size skateboard I believe it is the instant that a egg Turns to a life form. So before it turns into a fetus, it is the very first step to life. There was footage in that. How long Have you guys been filming for this particular movie? There were, for example, four variationsof Nick in the video! Ha! It haircuts, I think. Just Shaving my head and letting it grow back, but we have been filming to it formally but I bet four orthree-and-a-half by the time it's all done. Was the egg promo only footage of tricks that Have come out in the span and also print all will be a surprise? There was not any real rhyme or reason for this. I Sat down with them and just went in and gave them a list of clips that I hadbeen willing to associate with and then they picked some of these. So how long before the complete length comes out?I believe ten or 11 months from now. It'll be Here soon. It's creeping up! Are you good with the deadline? Would you like What you have for the video? I don't think I will ever be satisfied I have but I'm trying my best to plug away at it. I have made some progress but there isstill a ways to go. The last time we spoke was about a year ago. It was before the election. I know you stay informed about the information and are.You said if he won, you might move along with your spouse to Australia. Are you packing your luggage or are you staying becausemarijuana is legal here? Oh yeah. I think I stated I might however, no, we Aren't currently moving. That was a joke. I believe is all talk. Canada is notwilling to carry us all. America will not even take in refugees. No one wants us. Part of that question was all about weed Now but you stop smoking didn't you? Yeah, about eight months ago. It was A choice. I just didn't smoke for a about a week and it felt good so I simply kept going. So I figured, it wasn't anything or hard why not. Let's see what it is like to be sober. I have been stoned since I was 16 so I figured I'd get in touch with the real me again. Imagine if you do not enjoy the Nick?Then I start smoking marijuana again.Can you think many skaters care what's happening Outside of the bubble? You and not really can not blame them. It's not Like any of it will impact the skateboarding world, however, it's actuallyimportant, if not for us for our children and other people that will be affected by all of this. You've got to get compassion. Asa white, blond-haired American it would be very easy for me to turn off and think nothing will impact me but that would be veryselfish to just turn my back on everybody else who is marginalized by people like Trump. Speaking of blonde and white hair, what do you Think's going to happen over the next four decades with a KKK-backed president? Fuck, man. I really don't understand. This entire two-month Interval between now and if he's inaugurated will be very interesting.We're just waiting to see whether he is going to govern how he campaigned and everyday it is beginning to seem like he's. I feellike that he calmed down for a week ahead of the election and everybody believed he was going to behave like a grownup to get somereason and if he won it was straight back to the exact same stuff. It's going get weird with him as our president but now all wecan do is hope for the best. I found something pretty rad another day. It Was about things people can do to assist. It was basically a listing of organizationssuch as Planned Parenthood and the NAACP which people could get involved with to help fight the good fight instead of justsubmitting stuff to Facebook. Would you ever donate your money or time? Yeah, for sure. I saw exactly the Exact Same thing and it was spot-on. I feel like that's the most proactive thing you can do:give to those men and women who really are capable of making a distinction, the people who are already engaged and working hardfor the ideal agendas and can fight the good fight. I appreciate the effort of all the protesters. 1 know that it's about lettingthe voice be heard and also for them to not to let this new authorities be comfy and let them know that they will need to keep theother half of our nation happy too--and not only the men and women who voted them in. We can not just post about it on socialmedia and then go walk around with our friends yelling. We have to bite the bullet and also donate time or money. About media, let's talk about all the Fake news stories that were being shared on Facebook prior to the election. Do you thinkthat had anything to do with swinging the election? I certainly think so. A few tricked me Of those, for certain. You see things that feed to your view or your narrative on thesituation and it's easy to not dig any deeper. I had been fooled by that major one, the quote from Donald Trump in Time magazinefrom '98 if he ran as a republican he would behave for president because they believe anything stating. I heard a bunch of peoplebring up that one. I would think on both sides it had a massive effect. What's with of the newest body that is Instagram twirling at Cherry Park? Are you guys exhausted? Got sick of spinning the boardsso you are turning bodies today? Am I turning my body that far? Ha! It's just Basic obstacles at Cherry: horizontal ledges and flat bars. I am not some master. SoI'm just doing what I could to have fun and try new things I am not the best at flipping my plank. You held off for a long time on Posting Insta being skated to by yourself. Is that true or am I making that up? I really don't know. It's when it comes down to it Just another platform to show people what you're around, let people know youskateboarding. There can be gaps between movies so that I don't think that it's a poor thing to show people you are still 30, andwe completely are skating everyday. I never had a problem with it. I am not bummed on anybody who is or posts currently hoping tomarket themselves. Clearly is a lineup were it seems. I personally believe a line is but I'm sure some children disagree. But sofar as submitting skating, I love it. I'm on the page being completely amused every day. Where do you see in skateboarding right now? It's really easy and virtually second nature for skaters to call bullshit or point.What do you see going on right now that you like? I remember being a kid and reading interviews Regarding where do you not want to watch skateboarding in ten decades and there werequestions. I feel just like 90-percent of the time the response would be something about the way they did not want be thought ofas a sport or perhaps to watch it get pigeonholed into some type of league and behave like each other game. Street League isentertaining and great and all that but when it first came out I thought that it was somewhat worrying that cricket was turninginto exactly what everybody was frightened of: turning right into a game. It's really amazing to see skateboarding adapt to thisand see how all these younger kids are skating and to see all of the newest younger smaller board brands which are coming outthere. Children are taking it back. Not everyone can be Nyjah or as fantastic as a number of these guys which make skateboardingunattainable for a lot of individuals or Luan. So it is cool to see that folks are taking it back and revealing that the youngergeneration that you can do simple things or skate with your mind over your body. I really like all of it. I love watching dudesleap down huge shit and shoving the gnarliness of skateboarding, but it's also really cool to see it progress at ground levelagain and best complete skateboards. I know a lot of people hate on it calling out the tendencies in things and trick selection but skateboardingalways has tendencies. There's always been things that kids follow as far as trick choice goes but I guess I would rather find itsomething particular and I believe that's what's happening now. The basics are being built off by kids again. So that is only atestament to the way rad skateboarding is, everyone outside copies skateboarding more than ever. I never thought of it like that but yeah, Hints are always tendencies. If I was a little fella in the '90s you had to be able todo impossible to be considered good. By the time the 2000s hit nobody did them or flipped the board with the foot. I don't think there's such a thing as a Wack trick today. That is cool. For the first time it is only about the way you can do itin street skating. Like flips were a no-no once I was a kid but if you do them trendy it is all great! It is hard these days in LA or in California to Where everything has not been done because of the number of skaters live out herefind a street spot. Around the way you can do the trick in transition skating it's always been. Seems like road skating is goingthat way today. Skateboarding is shifting in a Fantastic way For this. So that it doesn't just become what everything else is it's a necessarything. It just proves that nothing could kill skateboarding as we know it. In skating let's talk about current hates. Is There anything? Some men who seem bothered me Resistant to change or sense some kind of weird possessiveness. Like, "Skateboarding should be likethat!" Or "You shouldn't do this trick or wear these clothes. Children, man, they are destroying skating." Comes a group of grumpyold farts. Skateboarding belongs to all people, but in all actuality the group and also the one it belongs to most would be theyoungest ones. The future. What do you think about this Olympics talk?I think in the Olympics' standpoint it Makes sense. You see some sports in there that no one ever really does. Javelins every dayare out there throwing or practicing using their bobsled teams? And you have skateboarding, which has to be one of the mostparticipated-in activities in the world today. It will probably work wonders as far as getting people to take care of theOlympics, but then from skateboarding's standpoint, it is kind of a hard market. Besides the jockiness of it, it goes againsteverything which makes skateboarding unique and attractive. It is a shame to see it pigeonholed into a format to make it sellableto the public. It is frightening to think that it could take us one step nearer to being a industry. It also seems odd havingnations going against each other. The next thing you know we're going to have European nations breeding skaters such as they dowith figure skating and gymnastics. Has an gifted team piled Full of epic skateboarders. Who is getting the last part in the video? I'd be really surprised if it was not Evan. A good deal of the dudes have been murdering it: Mason Julian, everyone has beenplacing their own hearts and souls. But anybody who's spent time knows how special he knows he is just on a different level andis. You have been on the hunt for a good tune for Your part for awhile now. How significant do you think the tune is? It is make or break. I have seen a ton of amazing Components on mute, something which might have become the best parts of all timebut when the song is goofy or bothersome it can make you not want to watch it. It functions both ways the tune can make up for theskating--a component that would have been easy to just glance over becomes. Have you ever found your tune? I'm not sure yet. It is still a ways out so that I Have some time. I'm still digging around. What is your favourite part about riding for Element? Is it the friendships? Definitely friendship. I mean, you get a lot Of chances to perform trips which board manufacturers don't get to do. I've gotten todo some amazing things with some of my closest friends. Individuals on the group and inside the business are really good to oneanother. The Element TM, Cole Mathews, is like a brother to all people. He is always helping everybody. Not only issues but lifeissues. The trips you men get to do blow off my mind.Yeah, for sure. Cole is really good at that well. He is always trying to think of new and different ideas for spots and places,but the thing about the brand for certain is the buddies. It is the best thing about any brand. If it's not that then what thefuck do you do? You need to leave. Can you guys pick on Nyjah a bit?More so when he was younger. Now he's got a Good head on his shoulders and it's not so easy to pick on him. So he is not an easyguy to piss 18, he has some pretty thick skin. Cole picks more than anybody. Evan and Cole still try to get him. You read a lot on excursions? What is the last book you read? I have become this man Tom Brown Jr. to get awhile. He's a tracker that learned everything he knows from among the Apache scoutsthat were past, named Stalking Wolf. Elemental Awareness, which is Elements team, teaches survival skills classes and they base agreat deal of their instructions. He's got a great deal of books but I would suggest starting with The Tracker. It's stuff that ispretty life-changing. Therefore, in the event that you have to brush up on your tracking abilities, begin with this man. Tell everyone about this back noseblunt in Your interview. How long did it take and how many attempts? We flew to find this 1trick. Let's talk about pressure and all the chaos about that 1 stunt. So we needed to get a homie with a bike, Our buddy Dylan. Since he works, this was hard and we needed to go his program around. Wehad to wait for until he can come and help us out. That thing is not possible to so you have got to have towed in to push up.There were only a lot of unforeseen circumstances once all of it came. We believed it was valid to skate that spot but it turnsout--maybe not somuch! Especially if you have a motorcycle up there. In order that they could hear the bike going back and forth it is a roof to acommunity pool. We were getting the boot regular. There were a bunch of employees and citizens that kept losing their shit aboutthe bike. Our plane tickets were only for six days and it kept getting closer and closer . We kept pushing it. We would get kickedout and then come back an hour later, get kicked out again and then come back. It got pretty rough but it worked out--as the copscame around the corner we got 25, last day, last attempt. The cops were really the individuals involved. They did not care butthey needed to keep coming because they had been getting calls. They told us to only come back in the night but we did not havelights and a generator. It was only. What would your dream sponsor be, outside of skating? I Believe something would be amazing: Phones, homes, automobiles or computers. Snacks also. Lunchables. I am ready if Oscar Mayerwants to have a sit down. I heard you are into cooking. Have You Got a Specialty dish? Yeah, I am. I love it. For some reason it's brussels sprouts. I went into a restaurant and had them and I've been attempting torecreate them with every meal at home. I believe that it's beginning to piss off my wife. She thinks I'm boring. Is your spouse you do? Yeah, it is made up for by us. I make sure to spend When I get home time together with her. On camping excursions we go or Iextend tickets and have her come meet up on a trip. She understands what I need to do. We make it work. You talked about moving from Long Beach to LA.. Are you still going to do this? Yeah, I want to. It's weird that I have lived Next to one of the largest cities in the entire world my life but I've never takenadvantage of it. I've never gotten to understand it well. So I'm going to go give it a go and if I don't like it's just 20 minutesto get back home! Who is your all time favorite skater?Jery Hsu, palms down all time favourite. That Used to be a tricky question for me personally. I had a ton of favorites when I wasyounger. It'd still be Difficult for me to make a top ten but he hasta be amount one. I watch his parts All of the time, I dig onhis own photography and I've never Met him. However he seems really fucking cool. what size skateboard to get