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Bio Statement Damian "Jr.. Gong" Marley, the Son of late reggae icon Bob Marley, was when his father passed away in 1981. Over time, Damian has established himself as one of reggae's preeminent artists, also contains nine full-length records in his repertoire, including his 1996 Tuff Gong debut, Mr. Marley, the 2010 collaborative album with Nas, Distant Relatives and his latest solo record, Stony Hill, that premiered on July 21. The album marks his first solo effort and features his eldest brother Stephen Marley, who he considers one of his biggest influences. He focused on continuing his father's musical legacy though Damian has embarked on many new business ventures, including a reggae cruise and various products. He just popped up on Jay-Z's monster record, 4:44, on the course "BAM," and his latest solo project is proof of his devotion to reggae and his place within it. Damian had time to speak skateboarding, giving back and dancehall culture while on a tour stop in France. What's giving for you? Just because it really feel great. I could Sit here and think about a sounding thing to say, but in the close of the day, it feel good and it is how we grew up. It was a component of the way we were raised. It's no secret. He was among the first. So he helped a lot of people in his lifetime by coming back again. He would help lots of people. That's only together? It is a part of us. Right, and I envision with a name like It's almost expected. It's not really so much our civilization, but more So we have been raised. You do it. Like, I don't need to take action. 1 do it since I want to get it done. Are you the youngest in your loved ones? Youngest son. Who were you closest to? Stephen. He is on your album that is new. What's it like to work together? By the time I started doing songs We have always worked together. Of course, I have developed to do myself to a little bit of production, but he's always been a part of my livelihood in that sense. It's just another thing we do. We do many things together. We're walking distance from one another. We had been together in general. Where do you live? My speech is Miami, but we refer to Jamaica as residence. I've always been told that It would be dangerous for me to visit Jamaica. Is that true? Can I get discriminated against? No, not actually. Nobody should tell you to not come. Come--naturally. Trenchtown, in which my father grew up in his adolescent years, is a ghetto. But as there are so plenty of people want to go there and tour and see what's going on there. Like any area, you can find areas which are dangerous where maybe you do not wish to become careless, you know what I mean? You don't wish to walk the roads in the night if you are not accompanied by someone from that area. There places with gang war, where there is violence and you really wouldn't want to venture there, but maybe not generally are you going to get harassed when you walk around as you are a white man. So that's just a few old wives' tale, I guess. No, no--they are very receptive to tourists. When You go to parties at night in the ghetto, late into the night, you'll see it is loved by people. Japanese people absolutely love Jamaican and dancehall culture. You see them hanging out in all types of parties. Dancehall is so infectious, it would be hard To not go to those parties. I hit you up so you can take me about. Yeah, yeah. Can you develop skateboarding in Jamaica? What Was the connection to skateboard culture back then? I owned a skateboard. I had been a lover of it in terms of I thought it was cool. When something would come on TV or anything like 13, everyone would watch. We had watch. I, myself, never became any good at it. My friend who I grew up with, who plays bass guitar for me now, he was a bit more to it. He could skate a little bit. Were you more into football? Football was my sport of choice. I used to like Track and field. I represented my school in track and soccer, but football is something that I continue to do up for this day, you know? Every moment we play. Do you have kids? I've got a son. Can he play soccer or is he into music? He's into it all. Now he If he is going to be a soccer player, make his mind up or play the drums. Those aren't bad choices. How old is he? He's seven right now. Sounds ambitious. What could you say should he Came to you and said he wished to be a musician? I've a feeling in another five or six years, I will see boy collab and the Damian Marley. Yeah, maybe. Now I Encourage him in whatever he wants to do.