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Bio Statement "HEY! WHAT'S COOL?" you ask. Omar Answers back: "Oh, nothing," since he doesn't know what is cool and he doesn't care. What hedoes care about is skateboarding. Along with hip-hop, punk rock, baggy pants wheels, launching ramps and street plants.Skateboarding was through a lot of trends since Omar stepped foot on a plank, and he's outlasted all of them. How? Simple andpure--that he doesn't really be concerned about what others think and skates. Promar, Bromar, Snomar--whatever you wish to callhim, he takes the criticism in stride and thinks for himself. Whether it is a pool skatepark or street spot, take him there andsee him rip. When did you begin skating?I started when I was 12 or 11, just skating Pushing around on my knees. My brother had an Alva in the Orange County swap match. Ithad been just another year or so before I started to understand it and began to skate a lot. I had been following my olderbrother's footsteps. Whatever he was right into--skateboarding and punk rock. Perhaps you have lived in Southern California all your life? Same spot. Costa Mesa/Newport Beach area.Which parks did you ride back in the afternoon?I grew up skating Upland--I was likely 13--together with his friends and my older brother. The back bowls. I live right by Visionskateboards and they constantly had ramps about there. What do you think of these parks Being built? For a while skating had lost its heart and Such parks, and soul are bringing it back. Concrete is currently coming back. Timeshave now changed. Now these parks are fun to ride, not only props and terrain. The Oregon parks really are good. Favorite place to see?I had a Fantastic time in Australia last season with Chet, Cardiel and Tony. So the parks, and many options are old and have beenin existence since the. Those combined with the parks make for a good selection. Do you have time to take in the civilization on These skate excursions? It depends upon who you are using and how much You are constantly on a mission, although time you have. The place where you seethe most civilization, driving from point A to B is. Skate missions have a tendency to attempt and hit the spots possible. Drivingpark-to-park sometimes contributes to watching. Plus you can meet people and drink beers . First sponsor? Blockhead skateboards at. I just met Jim Gray skating the regional parks. He introduced me. Blockhead days?Initially it had been Keith, Sam Cunningham Cochrane, Jim Gray, and we obtained Rick Howard, Steve 18, because it began gettinglarger. So many great riders on the group ... Jason Dill. Dave Bergthold did not really regulate the way we acted, was really cooland let us be ourselves. What happened after Blockhead?Following Blockhead I ended up riding for Acme skateboards. I didn't really care about the politics, and Jim needed hisview--skateboarding ought to be about no versions. It was a time in skateboarding it was difficult to stand out and where lots ofbusinesses came about. After that Formula One was started by me and attempted to split off. I felt that experts should haveversions. Me, Lincoln Ueda and Daniel Shimizu, we just got to a point where firms looked better. At times you can't do thingsyourself, so I moved to Label. Lincoln went to New Deal and Daniel into Foundation. I would see Ricky Barnes and Lucero. Rickyused to pick on me; "You gotta ride Label." I was super honored when I got to the team. Label has consistently had cool things. I recently read that Label retired your pro model. It wasn't anything that I'd take offense to. I am constantly stoked on skating and Label. It had been done to modify things. Me,Wade, Salman, and Hensley all had our models. Black Label is pushing the guys that are younger. John decided that since we've beendoing it a long time, we each still deserve a pro model. So he gave us our very own thing--a negative branch. The boards aretargeted to our age group, kind of similar to what Red Kross is for Olson and Duane. He's giving us another path. The lean years? How can you get by? Any odd jobs? When I was 16 I turned pro. It wasn't about Making money. I have had to skate all the time. I'm really appreciative of that. Inever actually had to find a job. You are one of those guys--road, Parks, vert and pools. Which would you prefer? There's no preference. It's one of these Things like when your friends call and say, "Let's go skate." I do not ask where, I go.And have fun with it. You appear to Have the Ability to encounter on a moment's notice. Like you filmed your part to your Dark Out at Upland in 1session in a few days, and its vast majority. What is your strategy when you get to a place? I find psyched. I travel to a lot of Spots and may not get a chance to return soon, so I try to do as much as possible while I'mthere. I hate leaving wishing I could've done something else--without getting hurt I try to ride to my potential. Can you set out to find footage and photos?I skate, and when someone is there to Record I will take action. Nearly all the moment, I just try to have an enjoyable session. Inever try to do the trick as somebody or hit the spots that are same . I simply try to do my own thing. In '94/'95 I would getheckled for skating pools, but now skating is much more agreeing to the sort of material I really do. I never think of skating asgoing out to film or documentfor a while there my style of riding wasn't in demand. I saw you on MTV Threat. What was Your impression of the event? Competition on steroids. I'm glad They had some cool stuff represent and to skate skateboarding. The function as a whole isn'texactly what skateboarding is all about, and likely won't be known by most skateboarders. Skating, snowboarding and surfing arethings I've done my entire life. Your team won! What would you do with that Cash, $25,000? I'm not Buys a new car. I only pay my rent. I put it away. When I win money it goes into something; I do not spend it on materialthings. I love to spend it on travel or small skate trips. Along with the IRS has their cut. Can you enjoy contests?Not necessarily the Entire part it. However, you do get to hang out. Competitions lack fun things and are devised to be exactlythe same. Competitions will be fun again when they start building classes that are better. I wish they would progress and earnsomething more natural or different instead of the normal pyramid. They seem to get formatted for TV. The Marseille one is funbecause it is another format. Who chairs Marseille the very best?I think Wade and Tony Trujillo skate it that the Best, and correctly. Their styles make it look cool. Wade and Tony would be thebest. Cardiel is great. Those 3 men. They all three have lines that are created for that location and different styles. What about riding for Ford trucks? Do you get A truck? Did you need to send them a sponsor-me video? How did this come about? Ford spoke to Melissa Murphy Supervisor in the moment for Vans. She was approached by them and my name came up. I got the twoyears, and also a truck. Every year it comes up and they calculate what I'm worth. I'm stoked. Ford is Ford, an truck business,something I'd go out and purchase anyway. Who are a couple of of your favorite skaters?Danny Way, Hosoi T, Cardiel.What makes you stoked on these?I feel all everything in a Sense. I try to do exactly what they do. They skate transition, rails, etc.. You have to providerespect to those guys. No one else is at their level. To see someone like Danny Way advancement like this and keep it moving isamazing. Next month is our Skater of the Year issue. Who deserves it this year? I'm kind of biased toward my type of skateboarding. As far as this season goes, Danny Way had the killer movie part. Trujillo hada great year as well. I'd say Appleyard, as it has to go to somebody who hasn't had it. What's your relationship with Phelps?Phelps is just one Skating since I was 16; Bryce's ramp in SF. Jake has been rad. I was intimidated back and Jake was the olderguy. He was always yelling stuff like "Do a mute to fakie." I've got a lot of respect for him. He provides criticism. You can takeit two ways: he's bagging on you, or he knows your potential and he is pushing you. Some individuals do not understand how to takeit. When I am his age I expect. Any injuries through time?I did my ankle in '93, And then at Tampa Pro in '96. I tore my ACL and hit on my knee against the pole. After that, hitting mychin here and there. Have You Got any hobbies or interests outside of skateboarding? Yeah, I enjoy surfing a lot. I go all the time. Traveling is a part of skateboarding. I have my dog and my girlfriend. Favorite trick? I've done about 10 million. Grinding and moving fast; nothing particularly. Most excursion?Australia 2000 Vans excursion Tony Trujillo, Jason Adams, Chet Childress, Drehobl, and Jim Gagne. I had never been there earlier,and we hit on all the concrete parks and spots we can. Now with all the new parks, touring is fun. I have been sent to plenty ofplaces. Like in '94 we have sent to a demonstration with just a box in a parking lot. Future plans?I don't actually have any plans after skating. I Have some thoughts, but I will stay a skateboarder. I will always be a skaterwhat I do and look at a guy like Salba. That's exactly what I like in life. I look at all of my elders that are still ripping ...Mark Gonzales. Is there anything that you want to be recalled for in skateboarding? A skateboarder. I really don't need there to be one Kind of individual. I don't want people to think about what's marketable inSkating--regardless of whether it's some pair of stairs or a ramp, it's all skateboarding. I don't need to be categorized asanything Aside from a skateboarder. Skateboarding is all about an enjoyable thing and a feeling. It's not Some thing to do forsomebody else or for a company. I want to be known for the Skateboarding, not the kind of clothes I wore. I've never been one Thetrends.