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Bio Statement Easter europe was under communist rule from The start of the 20th century up till 1989. Lenin and Stalin had worked to prepare a government based on the teachings of Karl Marx. Forming a government is not simple. Forcing people to give up all that they had worked for, to in turn discuss what, is generally met with resistance. Stalin was the most effective at squashing the opposition (and wasn't afraid to), and frequently used extreme force. Were sent to the Gulag labour camps in Siberia. Food and farming was commanded by the authorities. When they weren't given sufficient food, people starved--even though some of them worked the farms to make the food. Stalin was responsible for the deaths of approximately 30 million. Despite this he had been looked upon by some as a great leader. His military was responsible for beating the Nazis, also he made the Soviet Union a world power to be reckoned with. Communism had a solid grasp on Eastern Europe Until 1989, when a few things happened. The most important was the fall of the Berlin Wall. On November 9th of the year among the symbols of oppression, that the Berlin Wall, was shut down and the gates were opened so that the East Germans would enter West Berlin's area. The wall was a powerful sign of communism and in a manner acted as a prison that is reverse. Several months decreasing, Solidarity Leader Lech Walesa was elected president in Poland. He had been the chief. Started from the shipyards of Gdansk, it continues to this day. He even won the right arrange a hit unheard of under communist rule and to form a labor union. Stalin could have had him killed. While we were there the state run doctors were on a strike. As much hype as there is pushing for socialized health care in the US of A, most nations that have it are neglecting. Doctors in Poland are underpaid where they could earn money therefore the ones frequently leave for Germany or some western nations. Those physicians that stay are overworked, and patients have been kept before being seen by a physician, waiting for weeks. Everything boils down to is: you get what you pay for. If you have cash and insurance, then you are going to see a physician. If not, wait in line; should you live you will get taken care of when it's your turn. So when his ankle was twisted by Lem it was either get on the train back home to Germany or wait months for treatment. Other than the health care problem that influenced Lem, Poland was a good moment. Do not get too excited though, it is no Barcelona. By the end of the week there we came to understand that we should have spent time in Berlin. Our Polish guide Kuba was exceptional, and so were the areas. Only problem was that others had been there before, and those couple of excellent spots had either "been murdered" by other skaters or'd become a bust. We started to equate it with going to Ladies' Night in the pub. High hopes--just to find out that the girls are few in number are not often single. In addition we came to find that several previous "Poland" articles in another mags included photos from other countries. "Where's that lengthy marble hubba?" We'd ask. Kuba would respond, "Ahh, thata hubba is in Lithuania." So with that in mind Photos you see here are from both days in Berlin, not our week in Poland. We Did figure out how to skate exactly what remains of the Berlin Wall and among those few Stalin That remain in Eastern Europe.