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Walden, Susan E
Walker, Cindy M, Duquesne University (United States)
Walls, Mark E
Walters, Linda
Wang, Shuo
Wankat, Phillip C
Warner, Don, Dept of Chemistry Boise State University
Wartman, Joseph
Waterman, Jane
Watkins, Steve E
Watters, James Joseph (Australia)
Webster, Cynthia RL, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University (United States)
Wei, Tie, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (United States)
Wentzien, Derald E., Department of Mathematics and Data Science, Wesley College, Dover, Delaware, 19901 (United States)
Whalen, Donald F.
Wheatland, John A.
White, Ashley
White, Christina K.
Whittinghill, Jonathan C (United States)
Wilczynski, CDR Vince
Wilhelm, Jennifer Anne (United States)
Wilkerson, DerKirra
Williams, Thomas, Virginia Tech (United States)
Williams, Thomas O, Virginia Tech
Willis, David A. (United States)
Wilson, Jo Ann (United States)
Wilson, Victor
Windsor, Alistair, University of Memphis (United States)
Winn, Ryan
Winston, Jeffrey
Winter, Brent A
Winters, Dixie L
Wischusen, William
Wolter, Bjorn (United States)
Wood, Kristin L.
Woods, Brett C, High Point University (United States)
Wright, A. S.
Wu, Brook
Wu, X.
Wulf, Wm A

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