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Christe, Barbara L
Chung, CJ ChanJin (United States)
Chyung, Seung Youn (Yonnie) (United States)
Cicirello, Tony
Clark, Aaron (United States)
Clark, Aaron C, North Carolina State University
Clark, David (United States)
Clark, Kevin (United States)
Clayson, Ashley
Clayson, Ashley (United States)
Clayton, Howard
Cleary, Doug D
Clem Morrison, Darrellee (United States)
Clewett, Catherine F.M.
Coats, Bradley (United States)
Cobb, Cheryl
Cochran, Justin
Cole, Matthew (United States)
Colebeck, Donna, Kennesaw State University
Colesante, Robert J., Siena College (United States)
Collins-Webb, Alexandra (United States)
Concannon, James P.
Connolly, Patrick (United States)
Consi, Thomas R.
Cook, Jerry (United States)
Cook, John A
Cooper, Rory (United States)
Corum, Christine L.
Cox, Charles David (United States)
Cox, Monica F. (United States)
Cox, Monica F.
Cox, Monica F
Creamer, Elizabeth G.
Crews, Janna M.
Crumpton-Young, Lesia
Cudney, Elizabeth A, Missouri University of Science and Technology (United States)
Cudney, Elizabeth A., Missouri University of Science and Technology (United States)
Custer, Rodney, Black Hills State University (United States)
Czuchry, Andrew J


D'Souza, Malcolm J., Department of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and the Environment, Wesley College, Dover, Delaware, 19901 Undergraduate Research Center for Analytics, Talent, and Success, Wesley College, Dover, Delaware, 19901 (United States)
Dahm, Kevin
Danielson, Scott
Darayan, Shahryar, Texas Southern University 3100 Cleburne Avenue, Houston Texas 77004 713-313-4224 (United States)
Das, Sandip, Kennesaw State University
Dasaka, Vamsee
Daugherty, Jenny L, Louisiana State University (United States)
Daugherty, Michael K (United States)
Davis, Edward
Davis, Matthew
Davis, Virginia, Auburn University (United States)
DeJong, Brian P, Central Michigan University
DeLoach, Scott
DeLuca, V. William (United States)
DeLuca, V. William
Denson, Cameron D.
Denson, Cameron DeLeon, N.C. State University
Diefes-Dux, Heidi A.
Diezmann, Carmel Mary (Australia)
Dika, Sandra, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
DiLisi, Gregory A.
Ding, Duowen
Dixon, Gregg
Donaldson, Chris
Donham, Brent
Doswell, Jayfus T.
Doverspike, Dennis
Doverspike, Dennis (United States)
Dowling, Michael
Drane, Denise
Dubetz, Terry A. (United States)
Dubriwny, Nicholas M (United States)
Duffy, Stephen F, Cleveland State University (United States)
Duggan, John W


Echempati, Raghu
Edwards, Sharon A (United States)
Ejiwale, James A
Ejiwale, James A.
El-Sayed, Jacqueline (United States)
Elam, Matthew
Elangovan, Rajasekar
Elrod, Ph.D., Cassandra C.
Emory, Benjamin H.
Ernst, Jeremy Vaughn, Virginia Tech
Ernst, Jeremy, Virginia Tech (United States)
Ernst, Jeremy V., Virginia Tech University
Ernst, Jeremy Vaughn
Ernst, Jeremy (United States)
Estapa, Anne, Iowa State University
Eugene, Wanda
Ezzell, Julie M., John Deere (United States)


Fabby, Carol, University of Cincinnati (United States)
Faber, Marsh
Fang, Ning (United States)
Faraclas, Elias W. (United States)
Farrior, Donna
Fedorowicz, Jane
Felder, Richard M (United States)
Felder, Richard M
Felder, Richard (United States)
Feldhaus, Charles R.
Feldhaus, Charles Robert
Fernandez, Eugenia
Ferreras, Ana
Fifolt, Matt
Fini, Eli
Fiore, Steve (United States)
Flachsbart, Ph.D., Barry B.
Flynn, Ann Marie
Ford, Julie D
Ford, Julie, New Mexico Tech (United States)
Ford, Julie Dyke
Ford, LCDR Eric J.
Ford, Nelson F
Forssen, Anna
Fortenberry, Norman
Fortenberry, Norman L
Foth, Drew M.
Foutz, Tim (United States)
Fox, Gordon, University of South Florida (United States)
Fox, Gordon
Frakes, David, School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering, and School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering. Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 85281 (United States)
Franceschetti, Don (United States)
Franceschetti, Donald, University of Memphis (United States)
Franchetti, Matthew (United States)
Franchetti, Matthew
Franchetti, Matthew, The University of Toledo (United States)
Franco, Suzanne
Freake, Hedley C
Freeman, Lisa M, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University (United States)
Freeman, Steven A, Iowa State University (United States)
Freeman, Steven A., Iowa State University (United States)
French, R. Mark
Friedenberg, Jay (United States)
Frost, Laura, Florida Gulf Coast University (United States)
Frye, C. A.
Fung, Wenson


Gallagher, Hugh
Gallagher, Patricia
Ganapathy, Mythreyee
Garcia, Sonia, Texas A&M University, College Station (United States)
Garrison, Michael
Gehrke, Dr. Sean, Lewis-Clark State College
George, John H.
Giblin, David (United States)
Gibson, Willietta
Gilbert, Juan E. (United States)
Gilbert, Juan E.
Gilliam, Melissa (United States)
Gilmer, T. Carter
Glennie, Elizabeth J, Research Triangle Institute (United States)

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