Manuscript Preparation

  • The article must comply with APA Style Manual guidelines. This means:
    1. There should be parenthetical in-text citations, rather than footnotes;
    2. The reference list should be carefully written in APA format;
    3. The manuscript should be double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins;
    4. All hyperlinks should be activated and ready to click;
    5. Figures and tables should be placed in the text, rather than at the end;
    6. Italics, rather than underlining, should be used (except in hyperlinks); and
    7. Cases submitted for review should be accompanied by a cover letter from the corresponding author, including the following paragraph: "In submitting this case to the Journal of STEM Education: Innovations and Research for widespread distribution in print and electronic media, I (we) certify that it is original work based on real events in a real organization. It has not been published and is not under review elsewhere. Copyright holders have given permission for the use of any material not permitted by the 'Fair Use Doctrine.' The host organization has signed a release authorizing the publication of all information with understandings of confidentiality."
  • Any information that might identify the author(s) has been removed from the document's Properties to facilitate blind peer review. This may be done using the respective software’s Properties settings.
  • "Author" and year have been used in the bibliography and footnotes, instead of authors' names, titles, etc.

Upon acceptance of the case study or article, the authors have to provide a manuscript that does not contain any photographs or charts embedded in the text. Original photographs or digital images of at least 300dpi resolution must be provided to the journal. Typically, photographs submitted from the World Wide Web are not of sufficient quality. They also have to sign a copyright form transferring copyright.