Corequisite model: An effective strategy for remediation in freshmen level mathematics courses

  • Upasana Kashyap
  • Santhosh Mathew
Keywords: Mathematics Remediation, Corequisite Model, Quantitative Reasoning


The purpose of this study was to compare students’ performances in a freshmen level quantitative reasoning course (QR) under three different instructional models. A cohort of 155 freshmen students was placed in one of the three models: needing a prerequisite course, corequisite (students enroll simultaneously in QR course and a course that provides remediation) or ready to take the QR course alone. A chi-square test revealed a statistically significant relationship between the students’ final course grades and course models. Furthermore, an ANOVA test indicated that students’ grades in QR course were higher when they completed the course under corequisite model compared to prerequisite model.

Author Biography

Upasana Kashyap
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