Impact of Initiative X on Student Self-efficacy Toward STEM Education

  • Nicholas M Dubriwny
  • Nathan Pritchett
  • Michelle Hardesty
  • Chan Hellman
Keywords: Self-Efficacy, After School, School Aged Children


Student self-confidence is important to any attempt to increase interest and achievement in STEM. This study presents a longitudinal examination on the impact of Initiative X on the self-efficacy toward STEM education among middle-school aged students. Paired samples t-test showed a statistically significant increase in self-efficacy among students attending four or more STEM sessions. Moreover, posttest self-efficacy had a significant positive association with both the impact and skill level toward STEM as reported by participants. Additionally, positive attitudes toward STEM showed a significant positive association with impact and skill level. Results of this study suggest a positive impact of Initiative X educational programs on STEM among students.