Fueling Chemical Engineering Concepts with Biodiesel production: A Professional Development Experience for K-12 Pre-service Teachers

  • Anju Gupta Texas A&M International University
Keywords: Chemical Engineering Education, Biodiesel


This one-day workshop for pre-service teachers was aimed at implementing a uniquely designed and ready-to-implement chemical engineering curriculum in K-12 coursework. This educational and professional development opportunity introduced 1) chemical engineering curriculum and career opportunities 2) basic industrial processes and flow diagrams 3) the law of conservation of mass, and material balance and 4) hands-on activity on biodiesel production through a variety of active learning exercises, group-based hands-on activities, and discussions. Additionally, the recruitment of female participants for this workshop was intended to prepare female ambassadors to encourage female students to pursue a career in engineering. The expected long-term outcomes of this workshop are 1) improved and advanced K-12 curriculum in local high schools 2) establishment of ties between the university and local schools 3) increased enrollment and retention in engineering fields to address the needs of South Texas industries.