Impact of Engineering Ambassador Programs on Student Development

Thalia Anagnos, Alicia Lyman-Holt, Claudia Marin-Artieda, Ellen Momsen


This study highlights the positive impact of participation in an engineering ambassador program on students from two universities: Oregon State University which is a large public university in a college town with a 13% minority student body, and Howard University, a medium sized private university with a relatively small engineering program in an urban setting enrolling a primarily minority population. Although these ambassador programs have a major goal of service to the university and engineering program, they serve an equally important goal of developing the skills and attitudes of the ambassadors themselves. Ambassadors from both universities were surveyed, and though the universities and the programs are different, results show that both programs have a similar positive impact on student goals, attitudes, leadership skill and self-efficacy.


engineering, mentoring, student development, student success,

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JSTEM. ISSN: 1557-5284