Gaa-Noodin-oke (Alternative Energy/Wind Power): A Curriculum Implementation on the White Earth Reservation

  • Siddika Selcen Guzey
Keywords: STEM Education, American Indian Education


A wind energy focused curriculum for grades 4-8 was designed and implemented to promote the understanding of wind energy concepts with American Indian students. 57 students who participated in the 2009 summer program of the XXX (information removed) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) received the curriculum. The two week long curriculum allowed students to engage in various STEM activities. Students completed design challenges such as building and testing table-top wind turbines and anemometers. Students were asked to keep a notebook where they designed and recorded scientific experiments, recorded data and observations, and drew conclusions and reflections. Student notebooks and pre and post assessments were analyzed to evaluate the effectiveness of the curriculum on students learning of the wind energy concepts. We found that the curricular activities and the use of notebooks enhanced American Indian students' achievement.