Group Tasks, Activities, Dynamics, and Interactions in Collaborative Robotics Projects with Elementary and Middle School Children

Timothy T Yuen, Melanie Boecking, Jennifer Stone, Erin Price Tiger, Alvaro Gomez, Adrienne Guillen, Analisa Arreguin


Robotics provide the opportunity for students to bring their individual interests, perspectives and areas of expertise together in order to work collaboratively on real-world science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) problems. This paper examines the nature of collaboration that manifests in groups of elementary and middle school students attending a summer robotics camp. The research study provides a preliminary look at the tasks, activities, dynamics, and interactions of the students that occur during the collaborative work time of the camps. Findings detail the role of discussions and hands-on robot building as important predictors of on-task behavior during collaborative work time.


robotics; collaboration; group dynamics; engineering education

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JSTEM. ISSN: 1557-5284