Student Satisfaction with Information Provided by Academic Advisors

  • Kyra L. Sutton
  • Chetan S. Sankar
Keywords: academic advising, retention, student perceptions, policies, recommendations, engineering education


The retention of engineering students is important because more than half of the students who begin engineering programs in the United States will not earn an engineering degree. A literature review showed the importance of academic advising in retaining students in engineering programs. Therefore, the goal of this study is to identify the level of satisfaction students have with the information provided by advisors on a variety of matters. A questionnaire was developed to assess a set of factors related to the satisfaction of students towards the services provided by advisors. The questionnaire was administered among pre-engineering students enrolled in an engineering class at a Southeastern university. It was supplemented by a focus group interview. The study demonstrated that the students were most satisfied with core issues such as course-specific information. The students were less satisfied with immediate information provided on questions such as insight into teaching styles of specific instructors, getting paired with mentors, and recommendations of alternative majors. They were reasonably satisfied with longer-term issues such as career opportunities and the provision of tutorial services. Based on these findings, the paper provides suggestions regarding how both academic advisors and faculty can collaborate and better meet the needs of undergraduate engineering students.