Results of Using Multimedia Case Studies and Open-ended Hands-on Design Projects in an ‘Introduction to Engineering’ Course at Hampton University

  • Nesim Halyo
  • Le Qiang


This paper describes the implementation of a revised freshman engineering course, Introduction to Engineering, at Hampton University and the observations of the instructors during its implementation. The authors collaborated with Auburn University faculty in jointly implementing the same course material at both universities. The revised course used multimedia case studies and open-ended hands-on design projects to improve student learning outcomes and retention of engineering students. The paper describes the implementation of the revised course and gives some observations of the instructors. One finding was that the best student presentation discussions occurred during the multimedia case studies. Hampton University students felt all three case studies were mainly about engineering ethics. The other topics involved in the case studies, such as design, safety, and statistics, were not perceived in the same way as ethics. A second observation was that the students at Hampton University were highly motivated by the open-ended hands-on design projects.