Framework for Implementing Engineering Senior Design Capstone Courses and Design Clinics

  • Matthew Franchetti
  • Mohamed Samir Hefzy
  • Mehdi Pourazady
  • Christine Smallman
Keywords: senior design, capstone course, mechanical engineering


Senior design capstone projects for engineering students are essential components of an undergraduate program that enhances communication, teamwork, and problem solving skills. Capstone projects with industry are well established in management, but not as heavily utilized in engineering. This paper outlines a general framework that can be used by students and faculty to create a strong, industry-based senior design capstone course. The framework has been established over the past 17 years at The University of Toledo College of Engineering and has been applied to over 90 projects in the Mechanical Engineering Department. This paper outlines the course framework, a discussion of the resources required, overviews of typical industry projects, a discussion of evaluation criteria, and a discussion of the benefits and challenges. In addition, commentary of students who have completed the course is included.