The Nexus between Science Literacy & Technical Literacy: A State by State Analysis of Engineering Content in State Science Frameworks

  • Catherine M. Koehler
  • Elias W. Faraclas
  • David Giblin
  • David M. Moss
  • Kazem Kazerounian
Keywords: nexus between scientific & technical literacy, engineering education, science frameworks


This study explores how engineering concepts are represented in secondary science frameworks across the nation by examining how engineering and technical concepts are infused into current state science frameworks. Data was analyzed and ranked for 49 states and the District of Columbia. Findings reveal that most state science frameworks infuse engineering concepts into their documents under the umbrella of science, technology and society (STS) strands. In only a few expectations have states (e.g. Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, and Vermont) fully integrated engineering concepts into their existing science curricula. Specific suggestions are offered regarding how scientific and technical literacy can together promote a richer experience for all students, and perhaps promote the consideration of STEM careers.