Learning-Centered Instruction of Engineering Graphics through Real-world Problems and Case Studies

Raghu Pucha


Teaching Engineering Graphics to freshman engineering students poses challenges to the instructors as well as to the students. While the instructors confront with the lack of material / text book that covers the broad scope of the subject matter, the students struggle to correlate the developed skills to the real-world engineering design problems due to lack of documented industry design problems and case studies. Learning / teaching Engineering Graphics through real world problems and case studies in a learning centered instruction can foster the required integrative thinking for tomorrows engineers. This paper presents some learning-centered strategies supported by real-world problems and case studies implemented in a freshman Engineering Graphics course. Some preliminary results are presented on the impact of such strategies on student learning, engagement and performance.


Learning-centered Instruction, Problem-based and real-world case study based learning / teaching

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JSTEM. ISSN: 1557-5284