A Multi-Experimental Study on the Use of Multimedia Instructional Materials to Teach Technical Subjects

  • Victor Mbarika
  • Emily Bagarukayo
  • Vineeta Hingorani
  • Sandra Stokes
  • Mathieu Kourouma
  • Chetan Sankar
Keywords: Multimedia instructional materials, Higher Order Cognitive Skills, Instructional Technologies


A review of social experiments with adoption of multimedia-based technologies in Europe has been reported. But, there has been limited discussion on the value of multimedia instructional materials in technical disciplines. This study combines results from experiments carried out over a period of three years with multiple audiences -- IT managers and students majoring in business and engineering -- to examine if multimedia case studies do improve perceived Higher Order Cognitive Skills (HOCS) and if so, what accounted for such improvements. Among all the experimental groups involved in this study, it was found that participants reported improvements in perceived HOCS, self-reported learning, learning interest, challenges to their thought process, and learning from others.