Implementation of an Industrial-Based Case Study as the Basis for a Design Project in an Introduction to Mechanical Design Course

  • Ellen Lackey
Keywords: engineering, design, Industrial-based Case Study


The purpose of this paper is to discuss the implementation of an industrial-based case study as the basis for a design project for the Spring 2009 Introduction to Mechanical Design Course at the University of Mississippi. Course surveys documented the lack of student exposure in classes to the types of projects typically experienced by engineers in an industrial setting, and one goal of this course modification was to improve the exposure of students to industrial projects. Results from the pre-course and post-course survey demonstrate that students had a positive perception of the influences of the learning activities employed in the ME 324 course. Also, the open-ended post-project self-evaluation questions posed to the students following the completion of the second design project indicated that the incorporation of this industrial-based case study project was especially significant for students in this curriculum due to the lack of exposure of most of the students to the types of projects addressed by engineers in industry.