High School Bridge Program: A Multidisciplinary STEM Research Program

  • Jiang Zhe
  • Dennis Doverspike
  • Julie Zhao
  • Paul Lam
  • Craig Menzemer
Keywords: engineering


A Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) summer Bridge Program was developed for high school students. The program was designed to encourage students to consider choosing an engineering major in college and to explore STEM as a future career. This was accomplished through a 10-week program involving multidisciplinary research activities. The participants in the program included 33 high school students. Among former participants in position to make a choice in terms of attending college, 100% had chosen to continue on in college, and 86% had chosen to major in a STEM area. The results indicated that that the program had enhanced their confidence in STEM and motivated them in choosing careers in STEM areas. Overall, the participants were very positive about the program and expressed appreciation for the opportunity.