A Pre-Engineering Program Using Robots to Attract Underrepresented High School and Community College Students

  • Pauline Helen Mosley
  • Yun Liu
  • S. Keith Hargrove
  • Jayfus T. Doswell
Keywords: engineering, technology, STEM, robotics


This paper gives an overview of a new pre-engineering programRobotics Technician Curriculumthat uses robots to solicit underrepresented students pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The curriculum uses a project-based learning environment, which consists of part lecture and part laboratory. This program at Baltimore City Community College is offered in collaboration with Pace University and Morgan State University. The effectiveness of the program over time will be measured from the survey responses from the students and by external evaluators, peer evaluation, evaluation of projects, and analysis of enrollment data. The assessment strategies are described and its implementation is discussed in this paper. This program serves as a model and a STEM approach is valuable in preparing students for STEM careers.