Prospective Industrial Linkage at Aqaba University College, Jordan

  • Ziad Abu-Hamatteh
  • Mozfi Al-Amyan
  • Farouq Al-Azzam
Keywords: industrial-educational interaction, linkage strategies, BAU, AUC, ASEZA, tight vs. loose linkages.


The present study intends to examine the overall situation and the environment of Aqaba University College (AUC) in relation to industrial-educational interaction, and to discuss existing and possible future industrial linkage strategies. This article presents observations from AUC, as well as suggestions for action on industrial linkage. The current study aims to refine and improve the various conclusions and observations by challenging and/or expanding any and all aspects of the study. The main functions of this investigation are (1) to increase job opportunities for Jordanians; (2) to coordinate with investing entities in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) and (3) to train Jordanians manpower to enhance the capacity buildings in accordance with the employment priority which will lead to local community development.