The Near-Term Outsourcing of Traditional BS Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) Graduate Employment in the United States

  • Rodney G. Handy
  • R. Mark French
  • Christine L. Corum
  • Monica Rodriguez


This paper presents the findings of a study involving the trends of BS Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) graduates in employment that would be easily outsourced to offshore entities in the near term. Graduates from Purdue?s BS MET program were tracked from May of 1989 until May of 2005. The data was observed for first-time secured employment and a decision was made on whether or not this employment was easily outsourceable with very little effort. The data was also compared to the U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) values for this time period, as well as the overall job placement for MET graduates during this same period. The findings indicated that recent trends should be of an immediate concern to those involved in student recruitment, curricular, and placement activities for MET students. Future efforts will be directed at assessments of employment trends of graduates in mid-term and long-term outsourcable occupations.