Teaching Teachers to Teach Green Engineering

  • Ann Marie Flynn
  • Mohammad H. Naraghi
  • Nicole Austin
  • Sean Helak
  • Jarrod Manzer
Keywords: Green Engineering, assessment, heat transfer, design


The work provides guidelines for instructors who wish to incorporate green engineering concepts into a typical non-green engineering course without diluting course content or modifying the course syllabus by identifying 5 critical elements necessary to the successful integration of green engineering concepts into any traditional, design-oriented, non-green engineering course. The 5 critical elements result from the assessment of the incorporation of green engineering concepts into a traditional, design and analysis oriented heat transfer course offered to chemical engineering students in the fall semester of their junior year. This work not only incorporates the instructor?s assessment of the newly greened course but also assessment of the same course by a student task force. This work includes portions of the instructor?s assessment, the student task force?s independent assessment of the course as well as the task force?s assessment of the instructor?s proposed modifications to the course. Even though this study focuses on green engineering as it relates to heat transfer, the assessment and suggestions are relevant to all non-green engineering courses that attempt to integrate green engineering topics.