Laboratory E-Notebooks: A Learning Object-Based Repository

Ilior Abari, Samuel Pierre, Hamadou Saliah-Hassane


During distributed virtual laboratory experiment sessions, a major problem is to be able to collect, store, manage and share heterogeneous data (intermediate results, analysis, annotations, etc) manipulated simultaneously by geographically distributed teammates
composing a virtual team. The electronic notebook is a possible response to this concern. In this paper, we present an electronic notebooks repository using LIP and LOM metadata standards. This repository is implemented as a learning object database. According to the curricula, the notebooks are classified by teaching fields and subjects. Simulation results show the effectiveness of such representation, particularly in terms of response times required to carry out transactions when operating the repository.


e-learning, telelearning, virtual laboratory, metadata, learning object, collaboration, notebook, paragraph

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JSTEM. ISSN: 1557-5284