Application of Elements of Numerical Methods in the Analysis of Journal Bearings in AC Induction Motors: An Industry Case Study

Fred Ahrens, Rajendra Mistry


   In product engineering there often
arise design analysis problems
for which a commercial software
package is either unavailable
or cost prohibitive. Further,
these calculations often require
successive iterations that can be
time intensive when performed
by hand, thus development of a
software application is indicated.

   This case relates to the development
of a Visual Basic? application
that utilizes numerical methods
to solve journal bearing design
problems in an AC induction
motor application. Specific emphasis
is given to the linkage
between the industry design
problem detailed in this article
and the course numerical methods,
an important component of
the Mechanical Engineering
Technology curriculum at the
University of Cincinnati College
of Applied Science (OCAS) where
many employees of Siemens Energy
& Automation, Inc
(Norwood) have received their
education. This article begins
with a brief overview of the
course Numerical Methods
(OCAS, 32-MET-302) then follows
with a description of journal bearing
applications in AC induction
motors, including design issues
that frequently require analysis,
then concludes with comments
about the utility of this type of
case as a pedagogical tool in a
classroom context.

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JSTEM. ISSN: 1557-5284