Results of an experiment comparing the Analysis of Chick-fil-A Case Study by virtual teams versus face-to-face teams

  • Carl Andrew Redman
  • Chetan S Sankar


This paper outlines and presents the findings of an experiment that was performed using virtual teams. Two classes ? one at Louisiana State University and one at Auburn University ? were divided up into face-toface teams and virtual teams. The virtual teams had members from both schools, and the members used information technology to prepare a write-up and a presentation by analyzing the Chick-Fil-A case study. The authors spent a class period teaching students how to use a virtual meeting tool, Microsoft? NetMeeting. The goals of the experiment included comparing virtual team performance with face-to-face teams, the time spent on the project by both types of teams, team members? understanding of the purpose and mission, and team members satisfaction with their experience. The results indicate that face-to-face teams were more successful in all areas. The paper provides recommendations on how to run virtual teams in the future. Additionally, the paper explains what a virtual team is and provides examples of virtual teams, the effectiveness of virtual teams, and the criteria to measure success of teamworking.