Teaching That Keeps Pace With Technology

  • Jane Fedorowicz
  • Janis Gogan


IT faculty members find it increasingly difficult to keep pace with rapidly changing software, hardware and networking technologies, let alone to introduce new course materials that adequately address the attendant IT management challenges. Yet, our students and their employers expect that our courses will address timely topics in the context of fundamental principles and skills. This paper discusses several examples of the rapid development of new courses and course modules covering emerging IT topics, which were designed for a variety of graduate degree programs at Bentley College?s McCallum Graduate School of Business. Based on these experiences, suggestions are offered for blending relevant research into course materials on emerging IT issues. We conclude with lessons learned on how to: 1) leverage your research; 2) continuously scan for relevant emerging topics; 3) accept curricular imperfection; 4) collaborate with practitioners; 5) collaborate with and learn from students.