Securing the Future: Implementation of the Global Command & Control System

  • Joseph P. F. Herdt


?Hi, this is Lieutenant Derth, I?m the assistant systems administrator for the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station?s Global Command and Control System. We?re having some problems installing the client software onto the workstations and I need some advice on implementation.? ?OK Lieutenant, you?ll need to talk with Lieutenant Derth regarding that problem. Our office does not support that system implementation yet.? Lieutenant Derth scratched his head and let out an audible exasperated gasp. The network systems contractor on the other end of the phone just informed the good Lieutenant to consult with himself for further information and assistance regarding the implementation problems he was experiencing. Lieutenant Derth only got involved with the systems implementation six months ago, and the process had been ongoing for at least three years now. In his mind, some of the primary implementation questions still remained unanswered. What security measures should be taken to safeguard sensitive data and information? How would the system fit into the existing information technology architecture? Who would be responsible for maintaining and supporting the system after the initial implementation? Obviously, Lieutenant Derth was in need of assistance, but where could he turn to for support?