Transmission-Line Fault Location Case Study

  • William Call


Teacher?s Note This is a very small, compact Case Study. It is less open-ended than most Cases, as well. Quoting from the Instructor?s Manual: ?Though the theory behind the solution is quite technical, the explanation is presented in a manner suitable for Associate-level students. The complete solution (except for final calculations) is presented in the Case in an attempt to model successful technical problem solving for the student.? The Student Manual includes the narrative and a section of questions. It is quite short. The Instructor?s Manual primarily contains answers to student questions and some course application suggestions. It has no additional narrative material. This Case was designed for use in technical courses for Associatelevel or B.S.-level Electrical Engineering Technology students. The length and depth of the Case was designed for use during one twohour lab period. This particular Case Study is intentionally selfcontained rather than open-ended, as an example and model of technical problem-solving for the students reading the Case. The student participation is primarily accomplished in answering the accompanying questions (which include math problem-solving and technical writing), and replicating the experience in lab. As indicated in the Instructor?s Manual, the Case could be modified to provide breakout points for class discussion, if an instructor so desires. This author believes that Cases of this style are needed in technical education to supplement traditional lecture and lab experiences.