Efficient Optoelectronics Teaching in Undergraduate Engineering Curriculum

  • M. A. Matin


The Engineering Department?s vision for undergraduate education for the next century is to develop a set of laboratory experiences that are thoughtfully sequenced and integrated to promote the full development of students in all courses. Optoelectronics is one of the most important and most demanding courses in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Therefore, an effective teaching initiative is needed in the undergraduate curriculum. For traditional teaching methods, most teachers preside over lecture sessions focusing on the various types of optoelectronics devices such as LEDs, LASERs, photodiodes, and passive devices. This material traditionally focuses on the devices? fabrication, physical properties and characteristics. It is also necessary to quantitatively assess the quality, performance and characteristics of devices. Often students develop little conceptual understanding of the devices and many misconceptions. In the teaching method proposed, student will perform various experiments to better understand the subject and augment their understanding of the theoretical aspects of optoelectronics. IndexTerms?LASERs, LEDs, Optoelectronics, Traditional teaching methods, Undergraduate education.